Vladimir Putin and family murdered and replaced by impostors

Mar 19, 2016

Timing: '"Putin" hosts fake plane crash again: Rostov-on-Don FlyDubai

Just after the Ides of March 2016;
Fake airliner crashes: Rostov-on-Don, Russia: 62 "dead", FlyDubai low-cost operator 
Second episode specifically designed for russians in the series "set the stage to strip human cattle from air travel".
Dubai is casted only as participant. Contrast it with Egypt hosting the first episode, the fake Sinai crash.
Side notes:
- the Sinai crash episode is also part of these fake blood series: "puppet governments destroying their own tourism industry" and also advances the "terror attacks by ISIS against puppet governments".
Previous episodes using other puppets dressed as sunnis range from the non-stop series of "bombings in Turkey" to the more specific "museum and beach attacks in Tunisia within weeks".
- the "Turkey downs russian jet", altough primarly scripted for the agenda "divert from puppets dressed as sunnis participating in the sunni genocide" also advances the "strip russian human cattle from air travel".
Reminder: Turkey was one of the top tourism destinations for russians.

Rostov-on-Don : "Putin" hosts again a fake plane crash:
March 2016, The fourth episode of fake plane crashes where the impersonator of murdered Putin plays a leading role.
These two details are relevant to get the timing:
- 1. the second episode that "Putin" hosts, after Smolensk 2010, the first "vaporized airliner" in the "end.-of-show series", not to be confused with with the 4 fake airliners of 9/11.
- 2. the third episode close to Russia's borders: airliner near the Russia-Poland border, 2010 in the west; airliner near Donetsk, 2014, same as Rosotv-on-Don 2016, in the southwest, near Novorussia that "Putin" continues to call Ukraine. 
Side note: the other one is the fighter jet downed near the Turkey-Syria border, 2015, considerably more to the south. 

Rostov-on-Don 2016 vs Smolensk 2010: don't be mislead by the differences in "passengers"
This time the importance of the "dead" is apparently drastically reduced: "polish elite including the president" replaced with "russian tourists". 
Make no mistake: it's each time the best choice of passengers to advance the episode's specific agendas.
On the other hand the shared agendas are part of the KEY to get the timing for Rostov-on-Don.

Timing for Putin again casted as host of a fake airliner crash
Two main agendas behind it: 
- hinting that the curtain is about to fall;
- part of the celebration of the Ides of March 2016. a script with episodes ranging from Leonardo di Caprio's Oscar to the trial of SS guard Oskar Groeninger.

Timing hinting that the curtain is about to fall
Rostov crash staged:
1. shortly after the illuminati refreshed the brains of human cattle about Smolensk 2010.
That's where "Putin", as host, started the end of show series "fake airliner crashes". Hosting it again suggests that the series is about to end.
Fake Putin's role in "Poland's poitical elite including the president killed 2010" was the usual "suicide bomber destroying Russia from within". It was part of setting the Katyn milestone in rewriting the History of "the war to end all wars": assigning to russians the nazi atrocities against Poland.
Rostov-on-Don was chosen for the same general reason as Smolensk: revenging Hitler's defeat to the Red Army. 
Reminder: this will be completed by installing an official nazi (Navalny) after "Putin"'s FULL detonation as suicide bomber alias "Putin flees Moscow to Beijing".
This, a remake of the staged Maidan "revolution" in the Ukraine, is one of the acts timed in sync with the BIG BANG, "the show to end all shows".
2. shortly before Russia will become the first nation to be stripped from hosting the World Cup and banned from competing for global titles in athletics, more precisely at the Rio Olympics.
3. shortly before the episode that started March 2014, "the fake plane crash to end all fake plane crashes", finally comes to an end.
"Osama Bin Laden ressurrects in Jersusalem crucified to a missing Boeing 777" was orginally scripted for Easter Sunday 2012.
It had to be postponed because illuminati were not able to defeat or even neutralize freedom loving syrians, not even after "Putin" was casted in yet another premiere, but this time as classic not suicide bomber.
It's official since Sep 2015, with Russia for the first time ever bombing (from dropping splitter ammo to firing cruise missiles) hospitals and schools in the same skies as the US and the "rest of the West".

Timing part of celebrating the Ides of March - see:
Ides of March 2016: Russia retreats from Syria: Leonardo di Caprio, Oskar, Wajda, fake plane crash at Rostov-on-Don
satanic mockery of holocaust and syrian genocide with "Putin" this time not as suicide but as classic bomber

Added Mar 20: another hint pointing to the end of the show, but this time not shared with Smolensk:
"caught with CCTV cameras" is one of the main elements in the coreography of the "Rostov crash".
End of World as the human cattle knows it: fake crash of missing Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines at Temple Mount.
BIG BANG will be caught with CCTV camera announced today for Al-Aqsa Jerusalem mosque - parallel script to how Rostov crash was caught.

Fake airliner crashes: "end of show" series.
Vaporized airliners of "all dead" type of fake crashes, from 9/11 to the ongoing "end of show" series.
General agenda now: set the stage for human cattle stripped from air travel.
Each episode and its specific agendas:

Mar 20, 2016 - BIG BANG will be caught with CCTV camera announced for Al-Aqsa Jerusalem 

All part of the same gang of illuminazi puppets executing orders from one and the same:
- 28 governors of EU states who are still called prime-ministers or presidents, BushClinton since 1988 including Hitlery since 2008 ("Hussein Obama" will now be stripped), 
- BRICS (fake Putin, China, India, South Africa), "enemies" from Iran's Ayatollahs to Cuba and North Korea and the ISIS caliphate alias the Raqqa mini-state; fake sunnis of Turkey, Saudi and Egypt gov.

Raw: Emergency Crews Examine Russia Crash Site
Raw: Video Appears To Show Russian Plane Crash
A Dubai airliner with 62 people on board nosedived and exploded in a giant fireball early Saturday while trying to land in strong winds in the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, 
cctv footage: Flydubai Plane Crash In Russia Kills All 62 People On Board

Jul 13, 2015

Omsk: "Putin" murders sleeping soldiers in plain sight- Celebration of "Russia in free fall"

Celebration of "Russia in free fall": 13 July 2015: Omsk, Siberia:
Mass human sacrifice in plain sight: "Putin" murders 23 sleeping russian parachutists
Although this time the mass human sacrifice of young blood is well below the hundreds, it has a special quality: the victims are russian soldiers. 
The impersonator of murdered Putin, in his suicide bomber mission of destroying Russia from within, detonates yet another bomb.
This time not a figurative one such as staging the fake death of Boris Nemtsov but a physical one, same as the "Chelyabinsk meteor 2013".
Same as with the WTC towers, bombs were planted (two) years in advance with "repairs on the building" as cover-up.

Added one day later - 14 July 2015 -  parallel (russian parachutists) and reverse (because it's fake) script to the real Omsk mass human sacrifice: "Strategic bomber crashes in Siberia, crew parachutes out."

13 July 2015 - In plain sight: see photo in blog source or at "Russian military barracks collapse kills 23 sleeping parachutists in Siberia"

Whole floors had given way in the middle of the blue and white building, leaving twisted pieces of metal and concrete jutting out.
A local Defence Ministry spokesman said a plane with medical equipment had been sent from Moscow and some of the injured were flown to the capital for treatment.
The federal Investigative Committee said that one line of inquiry was the quality of repairs carried out in 2013 on the building just outside Omsk, 2,250 km (1,400 miles) east of Moscow.

14 July 2015 - The strategic bomber crashed in a desolate area, there is no damage on the ground,

Fake Putin's arsenal of bombs for his suicide mission; from fake downed Boeing to real torched monastery

Mass human sacrifices of young blood, each time hundreds torched or drowned: 
Fire at disco, Santa Maria, Brazil 2013; Korea Ferry 2014:
Taiwan gay pride concert June 2015 in parallel to the legalization of gay marriage, was not as effective as planned.

Jul 30, 2015 - Headlines will be: Reunion Island's Boeing 777 wing from downed MH17 NOT from missing MH370

Nov 2015 - Turkey downs russian jet hoax computer graphics video same as 9/11 planes.
To what lengths illuminati mock human cattle with agents Erdogan, "Putin", Netanyahu and Tsipras:

Mar 14, 2015

Impostor impersonating Putin DEPOSED: by patriotic russians (UPDATE: traitor was NOT DEPOSED)

UPDATE March 16: traitor was NOT DEPOSED) as it should have been expected:

"Putiin"'s main action during the illuminati joke "Putin missing", staged March 8 to 18:
Nazi agent impersonating since 2010 murdered Putin torches Novodevichy monastery.
Fake Putin detonated the incendiary bomb at the monastery's tower.
Goal, in the words of illuminati media, "Live footage led some to believe the Kremlin was on fire".
A parallel script to another bomb, this time figurative, detonated by suicide bomber "Putin" days earlier, again as close to the Kremlin as it gets: the fake death of Boris Nemtsov.
ALL at:

Below the unchanged article

To get why the gang of illuminati puppets playing communist leaders of China, the world's largest country in population, desperately repeat that Novorussians must accept to be slaughtered by the nazi Kiev regime:

Illuminati puppets playing presidents of Asia's smallest and world's largest country jailed the same day
Armageddon started 24th March 1999. 
July 2013 - It took more than 14 years until the first illuminazi puppet playing head of UN recognized state was deposed and jailed: Morsi alias MorCIA, after 33 million freedom loving egyptians took on to the streets.

It took two more years until the second puppet was jailed. But hours later it was the turn of the third one, the biggest of the almost 200 fishes in the UN aquarium.
Hours after Asia's smallest country on both size and population, the Maledives, it's the turn of impostor "Putin", president not only of Asia's largest but also of the world's largest country in size. 

March 15, 2015 - China Premier says respects Ukraine integrity, 

Mubarak was "deposed" and "jailed". In other words: illuminati were forced to replace him with another puppet.
But unlike with Tunisia's Ben Ali, illuminati didn't take Mubarak out of Egypt.
In other words: Mubarak wasn't really jailed until Morsi was jailed, July 2013.
As with puppet Gaddafi, although he was not only deposed but also executed the freedom fighters didn't yet get control of the whole country.

TRUTH in plain sight, mocking the human cattle:
Footage of real Putin being jailed before he was executed, 2010:

Netanyahu is a fake jew, a nazi agent, same as "Putin" and the gang playing communist leaders of China.
As for what really happened in Crimea, reminder of Last Prophet's words

Last Prophet's words from May 2013 - original text unchanged, added updates signaled
Illuminati puppet governments 2015: Russia; USA; EU; Iran; Ukraine; North Korea - Typology

Napoleon, Lenin and fake Putin: all exposed first by Last Prophet
Napoleon's exile to the island of St. Helena, unlike the exile to the island of  Elba, was not originally scripted.
Two centuries later fake Putin, a russian, is again an insider remake of Napoleon or in other words a perfect remake of Lenin.
Detail difference: fake Putin is russian while Lenin was an ethnic german pretending to be a russian with some jewish and german ancestry:

Feb 4, 2015

Recognize traitor impersonating murdered Putin by his deeds

Blog vineyardsaker, known for exposing the nazi atrocities in eastern Ukraine, unfortunately also illustrates this:

Whoever fails to recognize treason has failed, no matter how much of the rest he did get.
vineyardsaker's list of what he didn't fail to get, starts with:
"Disgust with the total hypocrisy of standing in theory for one thing and in supporting its exact opposite."
Last Prophet replies:
What about your failure to recognize that agent "Putin"'s role is even more obvious than his nazi master, once you remove the smoke curtain "NATO vs Putin", propagated by ALL the media?

Ukraine gov - the basic facts include:
- not only refusing to recognize the results of the referendum in Crimea but actually stating that it will militarily retake Crimea from Russia.
- mass arrests of people for simply speaking their native russian language.
- bombing civilians and destroying the infrastructure of Donbass to ethnically cleanse what is more than just ancestral lands of the russian empire.
Donbass is the most productive (both industry and agriculture) area in the world where ethnic russians are the majority. 

What is your excuse to fail to state the facts about "Putin" and the rest of the traitors of the russian gov?
Forget about what "Putin" says and look at what "Putin" DOES:
1. Transfer of russian wealth to illuminati safes, starting with offering free gas to Ukraine and "sell" oil below production costs.
Reminder: average production cost per barrel in Russia, 2014: above $50; "Putin" continues to supply Kiev with gas, despite an official debt of billions.

2. Arms illuminati puppets, from the puppet goverment installed by NATO in Iraq to Assad in Syria.
Reminder: war in Iraq and Syria now officially has in one side the iranian army in both Syria and Iraq, "iraq army" alias shia militias and US "advisers" on the ground in Iraq, iranian and syrian pilots flying MIGs supplied by "Putin", as well as NATO pilots. 
These nazi shock troops do NOT fight ISIS, as the official story goes. They fight the REAL rebels.
ISIS, mostly turkish and saudi mercenaries, was created to fight and discredit the real rebels.
Other than deliberately targeting schools and hospitals, cities were razed to the ground by unguided barrel bombs, "elephant" bombs, splitter bombs, all meant to target civilians.
In other words: same as later in Ukraine, except for the massive use of chemical weapons.

3. Calls ukrainian rebels to disarm.

4. Refuses to recognize the right of people of Donbass to self-determination.

5. Refuses to deliver weapons to the rebels, starting with fighter jets, while the nazis use the whole arsenal, from ballistic missiles to figher jets.

6. Call for "ceasefire" each time the nazis face defeat.

No wonder that vineyardsaker also failed to get these lies, as stated in his own words:
- disgust witha society which bans Nazi symbols or even an honest investigation of the so-called "Holocaust" 
- ... EU subservience to the USA ... disgust with a society which is willing to commit economic seppuku just to please its imperial overlord, Uncle Sam.
- "deny the holocaust and go to jail" is a hoax served in the black is white format.
- all USA presidents in the last 100 years were ethnic germans, more precisely illuminazi, except for resisters Kennedy and Reagan, actor Carter and suicide bomber "Obama", who will be now stripped, days after he will detonate.

vineyardsaker still managed to got these right:
Disgust with an entire political system built on lies.
Disgust with a society which values homosexual "rights" to adopt children much more then the right of Novorussian children to live.
Disgust with the obscene whining of millions of "Charlies" combined the total heartless indifference towards thousands of killed civilians every day.
Disgust with an EU subservience to the USA even when it clearly goes against one own's national interest.
Disgust with a society which did not have the moral fiber to resist Hitler and which had to be freed from Hitler by Stalin.
Disgust for a society which now apparently "forgot" who freed it from Hitler.
Disgust with central Europeans for having nothing more to offer to their new masters then a competition of which country can be most hysterically anti-Russian (Poland and Latvia win) even though they all had it much better then Russia under Communist rule.

Ukraine gov - the basic facts expose a nazi puppet regime

Nobody was able to recognize the impostor from his face or his voice, although eyes wide open is not a requirement (see photo in link).
But what really proves that most russians were reduced to cattle is the failure to recognize traitor "Putin" from his deeds.
Impostor impersonating Putin sets three milestones for treason in plain sight

The traitors are again about to sign a "ceasefire"...
... to save the nazi forces in disarray:
Nazi agent Lukashenko, Belarus PM, is assigned the role of openly telling to the audience the symbolism of its location, on VestiTV:
"Before Merkel the last German leader who was in Belarus was Hitler, and before Hollande - Napoleon."
Jun 25, 2014 - Napoleon and Hitler failed. But this time the basic fact is unprecedented: 
Russia under "point of no return" military attack and not led by patriots but by traitors.

"Putin", Zakharchenko, Plotnitsk are not only traitors but also assassins: from commander Bednov and mayor Ishchenko to militias

Suicide bomber "Putin"': latest bomb: staging the fake death of "oppositor" Nemtsov. 


Jul 22, 2014

Ukraine Malaysia Boeing 777 hoax: Core Lie: "Putin" plays the main disinfo role

Ukraine: Malaysia Boeing 777 downed - the core lie
The core lie of this event totally staged with actors:
- a plane crashed, or in other words: there were not ZERO dead passengers.
This is the core lie because exposing it implies exposing two underlying core lies:
- "Putin" is NOT part of the conspiracy.
- government of Republic of Donetsk, installed after the May 16 coup with russian Alexander Borodai as prime-minister, is NOT part of the conspiracy.

Reminder: The most important reason to use fake instead of real victims is to have everyone in the cast say nothing but what is scripted.
Had a real airliner been downed the victim's families would blame the obvious culprits not the scripted ones.

Boeing downed "exposed": Flight MH17 - What You're Not Being Told: Course 101 on the illuminati web of disinfo
This video does nothing but to sell the core lie about the event.
In other words: the author immediately exposes himself as a member of the illuminati web of disinfo, the same web where "Putin" plays the main role.

WHY "Malaysia Boeing 777 downed" was staged:

Jul 30, 2015 - Headlines will be: Reunion Island's Boeing 777 wing from downed MH17 NOT from missing MH370

Sep 2016 - MH17 Boeing 777, east Ukraine alias Novorussia, 2014; UN aid convoy, Syria, 2016:
two hit hoaxes in perfect parallel scripts with a pint of reverse

After Putin was murdered and until the Boston bombings hoax, the impostor had the leading role convincing the audience that episodes staged only with actors are real:
- with russian actors only, from Puzy Riot to Bolshoi star attacked with acid;
- with an international cast, from selling illuminazi puppets, from Syria's Assad to Iran, repainting butchers as resisters, to "political asylum" for illuminati psy-op "Snowden" in the role of leaker.
Main agenda in each of these episodes ranges from diverting from the murder of real Putin (Puzy Riot) to destroying russian icons (Bolshoi) and selling "leaks in illuminati media are possible" (Snowden).
With the Boston marathon hoax Putin plays for the first time the leading role selling false flags staged only with actors as real.

Russia: 70 years later Nazis come again for their Lebens(t)raum. Impostor "Putin" opens the gates

Aug 2014: Russian nazi state media pushes ethnic cleansing as refugees from Novorussia near 2 million

Ukraine vs Novorussia: what's * REALLY * going on - FULL STORY is worldwide ONLY here
Jan 29, 2015 - 8,500 ukrainian military at the Debaltseve cauldron, encircled by NAF, the Novorussia militas.
Epic: Militias armed only with captured weapons defeat military financed 
- directly: officially by the USA, EU; unofficially by Russia, offering free gas to Kiev.
- indirectly by all illuminazi puppet govs around the world transferring national assets to illuminati safes, starting with "Putin", "selling" oil well below production costs.
Treasonous rebel leaders, agents Zaharchenko, Plonitsky and the rest of the Donetsk and Lugansk leadership once again in their mission to save the nazis from defeat by signing a "cease-fire", repeating the sept 2014 "truce".

March 2015 - The two Minsk ceasefires signed by fake Putin and the nazi agents he installed as treasonous leaders of Donetsk and Lugansk were meant to save the nazis in disarray and let them continue the terror war against civilians.
Reminder from Sept 2014, during the Minsk theater at an all nazi "negotiations" table:
Ukraine's terror war against Donbass, Novorussia - Goals for dummies

March 2015 - Boris Nemtsov, first supposedly open casket funeral after a fake death: 

How fake blood advances genocide

Jul 16, 2014

Russia reopens Cuba spy base for dummies: MORE than just an illuminati joke: to have NATO officially enter Ukraine

Russia reopens Cuba spy base for dummies - **MORE** than just an illuminati joke: to have NATO officially enter Ukraine

Genocide in Novorossyia:
Bombing of civilians started May 2, 2014. Two months later, a dozen miles from the russian border:
July 2: entire towns near Lugansk wiped off the map by airstrikes, white phosphorous bombs, barrages of GRAD missiles and shelling by thousands of tanks.
July 9: Lugansk, first half a million city to be indiscriminately bombed in Europe since World War II.

NATO massive military deployment along Russia's border:
Parallel to the genocide in Novorossyia, NATO massively deploys, from the former soviet republics in the Baltic to former allies like Romania and Georgia.
Last but not the least: NATO deployment in states with a large majority of Slavic ethnic groups, from Poland to Bulgaria.
This is the penultimate stage before the remake of fake Yanukovich full detonation as suicide bomber in the Ukraine, fleeing to Russia.
In other words: before the act "Putin flees to China" and is replaced by pro-EU government".

Roles of impersonator of the murdered Putin:
Same as all nazi agents acting as heads of state, Putin transfers national wealth (starting with russian oil and gas) to the illuminati safes. 
Other main role is the innocent bystander, allowing:
- NATO massive and unprecedented deployment along Russia's borders
- the genocide of russians while they are expelled from their ancestral lands

How do the illuminati justify the role of agent "Putin" as innocent bystander
Illuminati mass media:
What's going on in Novorossiya, same as in any other front of World War III, from Syria to Afghanistan, is totally censored.
What is served is the opposite of reality.
No wonder that all they have to do is to present Putin's role as "black is white": Russia covertly and now also openly engaged in the war, from supplying weapons and soldiers to downing airforce jets.
To what lengths this goes: Jul 15, Snizhne: bombing of a six floor apartment building by the Kiev nazis reported as "possibly by a russian jet".

Illuminati Disinformation for the audience aware of the genocide in Novorossyia:
NSA psy-ops playing the role of pro-Novorossyia justify it: 

Goal: divert from the TRUTH:
"ALL ATROCITIES ARE COMMITED BY JUNTA FROM DIRECT ORDERS OF THEIR NWO SLAVEMASTERS WITH SOLE PURPOSE of implementing the GENOCIDE of freedom loving people and in the process the "ethnic" cleaning of russian speakers.
"Putin"'s treasonous actions range:
- from openly calling self-defense militia resisting the genocide to disarm and to refuse to recognize the right to self-determination of Novorossiya;
- to covertly giving intel to the nazis for airstrikes against Novorossiya bases.

'Russia spy base in Cuba reopened' theater for dummies
Iluminati serve to the audience a "Cuba-Russia: Just like old times!" parallel script to the series staged in 1962 using agent Khruschev while Fidel is supposedly still on stage.
First act: Russia forgiving Cuba's $32 billion debt after Putin's visit last week. 
Days later, the same day as Putin celebrates with the 4 other BRICS puppets: Russia 'agrees to reopen Cuba spy base'.
The Cuba theateris more than just mocking the human cattle robotically repeating that "black is white" or in other words that "Putin is anti-NATO". 
While psy-ops playing the role of pro-Novorossyia justify Putin's treasonous actions as "to prevent NATO from entering Ukraine", Putin's role as an actor is the exact opposite: 
the Cuba theater is staged to justify the official entry of foreign NATO mercenaries in the Ukraine war.

12 Jul 2014 - Two impersonators of dead heads of state meet in Havana. One of them is Hollywood actor Liam Neeson.
"Just like old times! Putin embraces Fidel Castro during 87-year-old Cuban leader's first public appearance in months as old Cold War allies cozy up again"

July 16, 2014 
Russia 'agrees to reopen Cuba spy base'

Jul 15 Aftermath of Snizhne bombing, with child (alive) pulled from rubble:

1962 Cuba missile crisis was staged using agent Khruschev.
Part of the plan to destroy JFK, same as the Bay of Pigs invasion episode, a trap set by the illuminati using agent Fidel Castro.
For traps used by the illuminati to murder JFK, RFK and JFK Jr, start here:

Jul 19, 2014 - * STOP * clicking Malaysia Boeing 777 downed in Ukraine "news": ALL was already said 6 hours later
Why you should stop reading "updates" on these "news"
Because no airliner was downed, it's all staged with actors, some play fake rebels.

Why NATO military is already in Latvia but not yet in Moscow:
Feb 2017 - NATO still "only" deployed at all of Europe's Russia's borders, including all former Soviet Union republics.
The reason why NATO military is already in Latvia, where nearly 50% of the population are ethnic russians, but not yet in Moscow:
what postponed the act "Navalny becomes president after criminal Putin flees to Beijing" in a remake of the staged "Maidan revolution" in the Ukraine:


Murdered Putin's impersonator openly telling he's a traitor: examples.

The role of illuminati agent Khruschev in the break-up of Russia

The real Putin was murdered but Fidel Castro died of a natural death.
Castro is kept alive with an impersonator to serve the illuminati agenda.
The role of illuminati agent Fidel Castro in the murder of Che Guevara:

Russia: 70 years later Nazis come again for their Lebens(t)raum. Impostor impersonating murdered Putin opens the gates:

Forums  Jul 17, 2014: scam.com -- reply in first page: usmessageboard.com
Published BEFORE the fake Boeing 777 crash in eastern Ukraine - still as reply in page 4746 of "megathread" featuring psy-ops selling impostor Putin as resister: