Vladimir Putin and family murdered and replaced by impostors

The Great King ressuscitated, to lead God's Angelic Warriors in the battle of Armageddon - MURDERED and impersonated by an impostor since 2010

Apr 12, 2014

Real Putin vs current Imposter - Photos from Videos

Real Putin
June 5, 2003

10 years later
- Forehead; wrinkles: different and fewer lines
- cephalic index increased.
- eyes and eyebrows changed.
- different voice and pace (listen both videos simultaneously).

Fake Putin
15 April 2013 Direct Line with "Vladimir Putin" HQ
4 hours 47 minutes

Russia media, totally controlled by neo-NATziO, mocks human cattle not able to see the imposter impersonating Putin
Russia media shows the REAL Putin in a 2007 photo with UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon.
- suggest that this is the current Putin;
- mock the audience, alias human cattle, not able to see that the page displays both the REAL and the FAKE (in a photo on the upper right, with Merkel), by showing both times their profile.
Same type of mockery as the title:
Putin: Russia expects UN to denounce Kiev authorities’ anti-constitutional actions
page archived, in case itar-tass changes the photo: http://archive.today/AcVVC

The Neo-Nazi terror
April 15 - Latest nazi law issued by the same Kiev regime that started by banning russian language, the native language of the large majority of eastern ukrainians: adult russian males are forbidden to enter the Ukraine.
Massive military deployment of the "ukrainian army", alias mercenaries and neo-nazi militias, to the southeast, with orders to shoot protesters. 
Air force pilots keep circling above or flying as low over as it gets.
The message: surrender or you'll get the same treatment that syrians are getting for the past three years.

Fake Putin's double talk
17 April, Mariopol - disarmed protesters start being murdered.
"Putin's" reaction is a call for "illegal groups" to disarm.
"Putin" doesn't mean the puppet regime installed by NATO in Kiev, which he regularly calls "illegal", while his acts range:
- from delivering to Kiev the weapons "left by the Ukrainian army" in Crimea.
- to having them as perpetual partners, together with Kerry, for "negotiations" with Lavrov.
The "illegal groups" that the impostor means are the eastern ukrainians, armed mostly only with hunting rifles, resisting the nazi regime.

VLADIMIR PUTIN, wife, daughters killed 2010 and replaced with doubles: Illuminati greatest coup in Armageddon
Coup executed by illuminati agents, lead by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

One year after it was exposed worldwide first by Last Prophet Matt, NOBODY echoed the TRUTH.
No wonder, it's the same Human cattle that refuses to admit that Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse and Peaches Geldof are all played by the same actress.

Crimea similar to Kosovo but NOT as impostor impersonating Putin means.
Fake Putin, an illuminati agent, sells the BIG LIE:
the criminal bombing and occupation by NATO of Serbia's heartland is the same as the return of Crimea to whom it always belonged, until 1954's coup using illuminati infiltrator Khrushchev.
Black is white: fake Putin delivering ukrainians including millions of russians to the IV Reich while pretending to protect russians of Crimea is rewritten as "annexation of Crimea".

Obama Biden alias Osama Bi(nla)den presidency comes to an end after the Easter Sunday BIG BANG.

After the BIG BANG was postponed several times, it finally starts Easter Sunday 2014, with a reversed Bible script: resurrection before crucifixion alias cruci-fiction.

Biden is played by Jimmy Page, Obama by an ethnic indonesian with neither black nor white blood.
Forged birth certificate to conceal he's Kenyan is only one among an endless array of "crimes" that Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation will "confess".

Osama Bin Laden and Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 MH-370 ascend from an Indian Ocean of discrepancies.
Reduced remake of 11 September:
From 4 fake planes in 2001 to to 1 fake plane at Jerusalem.
Obama's very last video as Osama in or near an Afghanistan cave claims the "attack".

What follows:
- Obama arrested confesses the most sophisticated conspiracy ever in Politics;
- Pope Francis alias actor Jonathan Pryce arrested, confesses the most sophisticated conspiracy ever in Religion.
- Pope Benedict, officially "one of the last survivors of Hitler's army", restarts playing last pope before Vatican closes doors for good.
- Usain Bolt, fastest man ever and forever, falsely accused of doping and stripped of all titles, parallel script to Lance Armstrong, greatest cyclist ever, in the most sophisticated conspiracy ever in Sports.
- "evil jews" playing Federal Reserve leaders: Ben Shalom Bernanke alias Paul Krugman without toupee, Janet Yellen alias Martha Stewart and israeli citizen Stan Fischer alias an ethnic german who months earlier stopped officially playing Governor of the Bank of Israel: ALL arrested, confess the most sophisticated conspiracy ever in Finance.
- controlled demolition of banks to annihilate pensions and savings of human cattle.
- Hitlery, alias Hillary Clinton alias Germany's first woman chancellor's half sister (both Hitler's daughters), proclaimed 44th US president, successor of GW Buh, first woman president of the US.

Supervised race war:
- default on social security payments;
- vigilante groups encouraged as reaction to rioting starving crowds;
- illuminati agents playing "black leaders" (Al Sharpton & Co) call blacks to arms;
- martial law in the USA, EU, Australia, Canada, thousands of extermination camps activated.

May 15, 2013

VLADIMIR PUTIN, wife, daughters killed 2010 and replaced with doubles: Illuminati greatest coup in Armageddon

Coup executed by illuminati agents, lead by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.
When was Putin replaced by the imposter?
End Times Reductionism: just to mention tha few features; when the eyes turned asian, cephalic index increased, forehead wrinkle lines and the voice changed.

angelic Vladimir Putin:
listen at the same time other videos of fake Putin to compare pace and voices.


Interview with CNNs Larry King Live Part 3
September 8, 2000


2002 interview:
The real Putin could speak german fluently.
- 0:13 to 0:36 - part of Putin’s 2001 speech at the German Parliament.
Note the eyes (watch in HD, starting at 1:00):

Statement at Operations Headquarters for Freeing the Hostages
September 4, 2004
Beslan, North Ossetia

December 23, 2004
start at 4:00

December 21, 2006
start at 4:00 

at a security conference in Munich in 2007.

Putin 2007

2007 1.8 

CNN: Full interview of Putin 28.08.2008 Part 2/3(english subtitle)


Fall 2008

Putin Speaks English for CNN

Videos mixing the real and the fake Putin
Putin spricht Deutsch (Ausschnitte aus "Ich, Putin - Ein Porträt")
The real Putin could speak german fluently.
- 1:50 to 2:32: part of Putin’s 2001 at the German Parliament.
2012: Suggesting that the imposter is indeed Putin:
Fake Putin speaks broken german, while he propagates "black is white":
- 0:18 to 0:57: Broken german, Russia must fear NATO because it wants to occupy Russia is rewritten as West is afraid of Russia.
- 2:54: a lot of laughing but just a few words in german.

imposter impersonating Vladimir Putin, an illuminati actor:
16 december 2010 - legends in english
Television channels Rossiya and Rossiya 24 and radio stations Mayak and Vesti FM have started broadcasting the annual Q&A session, "A Conversation with Vladimir Putin, Continued".
17:00 "principles of Islam than Catholicism" 
"Some theorists argue that Orthodoxy is in fact even closer to the principles of Islam than to Catholicism. 
I would not like to assess how close this statement is to reality."
These (most important) religions (on Russian soil: Orthodoxy and Islam) have coexisted for centuries. In these 450 years they have developed a "communication culture".

Reading this illuminati joke in a transcript would be all it takes to expose the imposter. No need to see the face or hear the voice of the imposter.

2011: Suggesting that the imposter is indeed a Judo 6th Dan.
One year after this poorly staged video (for obvious reasons): 
... the illuminati joke is upscaled:
"2012: International Judo Federation has promoted Russian President Vladimir Putin to 8th Dan grade" ...

Greatest theater act: imposter "crying" after elected

19.12.2013 rt

A poster replies:
"I just used the facial recognition software in my mind and have not confirmed this theory".

Last Prophet replies:
I bet that on the other hand your facial recognition software will also tell you that these are NOT the same people 
- "Gary Condit" alias "ambassador Chris Stevens".
- "Mitt Romney" alias Richard Jenkins.
- "Sir Patrick Stewart" alias "Sir Ian McKellen" alias "Dr Ron Paul" alias ....

In all these cases the same actor uses his own voice in the different roles he plays. 
In the case of impersonations, like the imposter playing Putin, the voice alone also exposes the imposter.

(1) Original article exposing worldwide first Illuminati´s greatest coup during Armageddon:
The SUPPRESSED TRUTH, deleted a few times at godlikeproductions.com, a forum managed by the illuminati web of disinfo.

(2) "18 Pics That Prove Vladimir Putin is an 80s Action Movie Villain" is an Illuminati joke:
Example of the last two photos:
REAL Putin
The joke is the sequence mixing photos of the real and fake Putin.
It illustrates illuminati's religion principles of "endless deception" and "black is white".

These principles described and illustrated:
INDIA GANG RAPES TOTALLY staged by illuminati controlled gov, justice, media - agendas include supervised race war in US & EU
illuminati media's INDIA GANG RAPE broken record for dummies

Forums - exposed worldwide first by Last Prophet Matt Marriott

Jun 15, 2007

End of International Space Station: the Horrible Truth, exposed worldwide first

End Times Fables: Russia: "Tomorrow ... If that does not work we will not try again"

There is no ISS or Shuttle orbiting the Earth.(1)
So why is this last fable of manned space exploration now coming to an end?

The Horrible Truth:
1. Vladimir Putin used the G8 meetig in Germany to try to tell one more time to the sheep of the last antichrist that if they don't stop him they will face nuclear holocaust.

2. His proposition of deploying common radars near Iran was the final act required to confirm the success of the ultimate illuminati script: "sheep quietly march to the slaughter, although they know they are going to be slaughtered".

3. As expected the last warning was totally ignored. Upscaling the sheep to zombies was completed.

4. So today, only a couple of days after the final words of Vladimir Putin, the last antichrist confirms the deployment of NATO nukes in East Europe.

The curtain fell. All other theater on stage must be now immediately stopped. And that includes the ISS. The last words were spoken:  "Tomorrow ... If that does not work we will not try again" (2)


(1) June 12: NASA is putting an End to the BIG HOAX International Space Station ISS - Space Shuttle

(2) June 15, 2007 Russians fail to fix space station computers
The computers, some of which control thrusters that help keep the $100 billion station in a stable orbit, broke down on Wednesday shortly after the crew of the visiting space Shuttle Atlantis installed a new solar array for power.
"Tomorrow we'll try turning on secondary power sources using a new method. If that does not work we will not try again."

NASA had said that a failure to fix the computers could force a temporary evacuation of the space station, a 16-nation project which has been continuously manned since November 2, 2000.
That unlikely worst-case-scenario would entail the three space station astronauts leaving in the escape ship, a Russian Soyuz capsule. The Atlantis crew would return to Earth on the shuttle.

Russian officials were careful not to point the finger of blame at the U.S.-led installation of the solar array.
"Maybe it was simply a fact of nature that can cause something like this," Krikalyov said. "I wouldn't like to find fault with anyone."


Jun 1, 2007

George W, Bush vs. Vladimir Putin for dummies - the TWO basic facts

1. When officially announcing his future decisions or the premises for them, George W. Bush has never told ANYTHING but LIES.

2. When officially announcing his future decisions or the premises for them, Vladimir Putin has never told ANYTHING but the TRUTH.

George W. Bush Notes
(1) "Bush telling the truth" not to be confused with "Bush doing what he told he would do".
There are indeed a few Bush statements that Bush implemented. But any of these statements are based on a lie as premise. (2)

(2) A key example: is Bush statement immediately after 9/11: "Islam is the religion of Peace".
Bush policies were indeed based on this assumption. Some of the facts illustrating this example (3):
- open borders for muslims (muslim population by far increasing at highest rates in the US while in the EU they are already the majority of the population below age of 20 in some areas);
- muslim countries, beginning with Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Turkey, account for the main $ share of military supplies from NATO;
- islamic law (sharia) proclaimed (Iraq) or extended (Afghanistan) in the territories administrated by the US Military / NATO.
- proclaiming that it's too late to stop Iran from building the atomic bomb.

(3) There was only one exception, the Iraqi sunni resistors, who have been victims of genocide at the hands of the NATO mercenaries.
In Afghanistan the former fighters of the Northern Alliance (who defeated the Taliban in 2001) are lately being also increasingly targeted by the NATO mercenaries.

Vladimir Putin Notes
(1) Questioning the premises used for his promises is subject to discussion. But Vladimir Putin has ALWAYS kept his promises. And that is FACT.

(2) Undeniable Proof that Vladimir Putin is sent by God: Third World War - How Good defeated Evil in the Battle of the Ukraine

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