Jul 13, 2015

Omsk: "Putin" murders sleeping soldiers in plain sight- Celebration of "Russia in free fall"

Celebration of "Russia in free fall": 13 July 2015: Omsk, Siberia:
Mass human sacrifice in plain sight: "Putin" murders 23 sleeping russian parachutists
Although this time the mass human sacrifice of young blood is well below the hundreds, it has a special quality: the victims are russian soldiers. 
The impersonator of murdered Putin, in his suicide bomber mission of destroying Russia from within, detonates yet another bomb.
This time not a figurative one such as staging the fake death of Boris Nemtsov but a physical one, same as the "Chelyabinsk meteor 2013".
Same as with the WTC towers, bombs were planted (two) years in advance with "repairs on the building" as cover-up.

Added one day later - 14 July 2015 -  parallel (russian parachutists) and reverse (because it's fake) script to the real Omsk mass human sacrifice: "Strategic bomber crashes in Siberia, crew parachutes out."

13 July 2015 - In plain sight: see photo in blog source or at "Russian military barracks collapse kills 23 sleeping parachutists in Siberia"

Whole floors had given way in the middle of the blue and white building, leaving twisted pieces of metal and concrete jutting out.
A local Defence Ministry spokesman said a plane with medical equipment had been sent from Moscow and some of the injured were flown to the capital for treatment.
The federal Investigative Committee said that one line of inquiry was the quality of repairs carried out in 2013 on the building just outside Omsk, 2,250 km (1,400 miles) east of Moscow.

14 July 2015 - The strategic bomber crashed in a desolate area, there is no damage on the ground,

Fake Putin's arsenal of bombs for his suicide mission; from fake downed Boeing to real torched monastery

Mass human sacrifices of young blood, each time hundreds torched or drowned: 
Fire at disco, Santa Maria, Brazil 2013; Korea Ferry 2014:
Taiwan gay pride concert June 2015 in parallel to the legalization of gay marriage, was not as effective as planned.

Jul 30, 2015 - Headlines will be: Reunion Island's Boeing 777 wing from downed MH17 NOT from missing MH370

Nov 2015 - Turkey downs russian jet hoax computer graphics video same as 9/11 planes.
To what lengths illuminati mock human cattle with agents Erdogan, "Putin", Netanyahu and Tsipras:

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