Mar 19, 2016

Timing: '"Putin" hosts fake plane crash again: Rostov-on-Don FlyDubai

Just after the Ides of March 2016;
Fake airliner crashes: Rostov-on-Don, Russia: 62 "dead", FlyDubai low-cost operator 
Second episode specifically designed for russians in the series "set the stage to strip human cattle from air travel".
Dubai is casted only as participant. Contrast it with Egypt hosting the first episode, the fake Sinai crash.
Side notes:
- the Sinai crash episode is also part of these fake blood series: "puppet governments destroying their own tourism industry" and also advances the "terror attacks by ISIS against puppet governments".
Previous episodes using other puppets dressed as sunnis range from the non-stop series of "bombings in Turkey" to the more specific "museum and beach attacks in Tunisia within weeks".
- the "Turkey downs russian jet", altough primarly scripted for the agenda "divert from puppets dressed as sunnis participating in the sunni genocide" also advances the "strip russian human cattle from air travel".
Reminder: Turkey was one of the top tourism destinations for russians.

Rostov-on-Don : "Putin" hosts again a fake plane crash:
March 2016, The fourth episode of fake plane crashes where the impersonator of murdered Putin plays a leading role.
These two details are relevant to get the timing:
- 1. the second episode that "Putin" hosts, after Smolensk 2010, the first "vaporized airliner" in the "end.-of-show series", not to be confused with with the 4 fake airliners of 9/11.
- 2. the third episode close to Russia's borders: airliner near the Russia-Poland border, 2010 in the west; airliner near Donetsk, 2014, same as Rosotv-on-Don 2016, in the southwest, near Novorussia that "Putin" continues to call Ukraine. 
Side note: the other one is the fighter jet downed near the Turkey-Syria border, 2015, considerably more to the south. 

Rostov-on-Don 2016 vs Smolensk 2010: don't be mislead by the differences in "passengers"
This time the importance of the "dead" is apparently drastically reduced: "polish elite including the president" replaced with "russian tourists". 
Make no mistake: it's each time the best choice of passengers to advance the episode's specific agendas.
On the other hand the shared agendas are part of the KEY to get the timing for Rostov-on-Don.

Timing for Putin again casted as host of a fake airliner crash
Two main agendas behind it: 
- hinting that the curtain is about to fall;
- part of the celebration of the Ides of March 2016. a script with episodes ranging from Leonardo di Caprio's Oscar to the trial of SS guard Oskar Groeninger.

Timing hinting that the curtain is about to fall
Rostov crash staged:
1. shortly after the illuminati refreshed the brains of human cattle about Smolensk 2010.
That's where "Putin", as host, started the end of show series "fake airliner crashes". Hosting it again suggests that the series is about to end.
Fake Putin's role in "Poland's poitical elite including the president killed 2010" was the usual "suicide bomber destroying Russia from within". It was part of setting the Katyn milestone in rewriting the History of "the war to end all wars": assigning to russians the nazi atrocities against Poland.
Rostov-on-Don was chosen for the same general reason as Smolensk: revenging Hitler's defeat to the Red Army. 
Reminder: this will be completed by installing an official nazi (Navalny) after "Putin"'s FULL detonation as suicide bomber alias "Putin flees Moscow to Beijing".
This, a remake of the staged Maidan "revolution" in the Ukraine, is one of the acts timed in sync with the BIG BANG, "the show to end all shows".
2. shortly before Russia will become the first nation to be stripped from hosting the World Cup and banned from competing for global titles in athletics, more precisely at the Rio Olympics.
3. shortly before the episode that started March 2014, "the fake plane crash to end all fake plane crashes", finally comes to an end.
"Osama Bin Laden ressurrects in Jersusalem crucified to a missing Boeing 777" was orginally scripted for Easter Sunday 2012.
It had to be postponed because illuminati were not able to defeat or even neutralize freedom loving syrians, not even after "Putin" was casted in yet another premiere, but this time as classic not suicide bomber.
It's official since Sep 2015, with Russia for the first time ever bombing (from dropping splitter ammo to firing cruise missiles) hospitals and schools in the same skies as the US and the "rest of the West".

Timing part of celebrating the Ides of March - see:
Ides of March 2016: Russia retreats from Syria: Leonardo di Caprio, Oskar, Wajda, fake plane crash at Rostov-on-Don
satanic mockery of holocaust and syrian genocide with "Putin" this time not as suicide but as classic bomber

Added Mar 20: another hint pointing to the end of the show, but this time not shared with Smolensk:
"caught with CCTV cameras" is one of the main elements in the coreography of the "Rostov crash".
End of World as the human cattle knows it: fake crash of missing Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines at Temple Mount.
BIG BANG will be caught with CCTV camera announced today for Al-Aqsa Jerusalem mosque - parallel script to how Rostov crash was caught.

Fake airliner crashes: "end of show" series.
Vaporized airliners of "all dead" type of fake crashes, from 9/11 to the ongoing "end of show" series.
General agenda now: set the stage for human cattle stripped from air travel.
Each episode and its specific agendas:

Mar 20, 2016 - BIG BANG will be caught with CCTV camera announced for Al-Aqsa Jerusalem

All part of the same gang of illuminazi puppets executing orders from one and the same:
- 28 governors of EU states who are still called prime-ministers or presidents, BushClinton since 1988 including Hitlery since 2008 ("Hussein Obama" will now be stripped), 
- BRICS (fake Putin, China, India, South Africa), "enemies" from Iran's Ayatollahs to Cuba and North Korea and the ISIS caliphate alias the Raqqa mini-state; fake sunnis of Turkey, Saudi and Egypt gov.

Raw: Emergency Crews Examine Russia Crash Site
Raw: Video Appears To Show Russian Plane Crash
A Dubai airliner with 62 people on board nosedived and exploded in a giant fireball early Saturday while trying to land in strong winds in the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, 
cctv footage: Flydubai Plane Crash In Russia Kills All 62 People On Board

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