May 6, 2014

Murdered Putin's impersonator openly tells who he is: a traitor - 6 examples..

"Putin" as messenger - not forced, just fulfilling the "in plain sight" commandment of the illuminati religion:
1. Putin frees "oligarchs", alias the illuminati agents in the role of economic hitmen at the time angelic Putin became president, 31 December 1999 (Khodorkovsky, Berezovsky & Co). 
Note: Khodorkovsky a free man 2013 was introduced by the illuminati joke "Putin cuts 2 months of Khodorkovsky's sentence until 2017".

2. "Putin" transfers Russia's natural resources, starting with non-renewables (oil, gas) to illuminati corporations (BP & Co).

3. "Putin" sells nazis as partners. The more NATO deploys around Russia the more "Putin" and Lavrov repeat that NATO is a partner and there's nothing to be afraid of. 
Reminder: the real Putin reataliated each time NATO tried to deploy closer to its borders.
Note: this is pushed to the limits with these kind of illuminati jokes:
- 2012 "Putin" officially becomes the main weapons supplier of illuminati puppet Assad, following the theater "NATO stops arms sales to Syria". 
Reminder: NATO previously gave to Assad one of the largest chemical arsenals in the world (meant to be used in the agenda "destruction of Israel", in coordination with the treasonous Israeli gov). 
- 2014 "India turns to Russia to help supply arms to Afghan forces", or in other words: India and Russia puppet govs called to replace the current 110,000 NATO mercenaries in preventing the Kabul puppet regime from collapsing.

4. "Putin" delivers Crimea's huge arsenal to the fascist Kiev regime, after the Crimea referendum. 
This arsenal includes hundreds of tanks used 3 weeks later to bomb the anti-fascist guerrilla and to crush women and elderly trying to stop them with their hands.

"Putin" as messenger - forced to tell it "in plain sight"
5. "Putin" not only refuses to supply arms to the anti-fascists in East Ukraine but goes as far as to call for them to disarm, April 2014.
All this after a few brave men got control of the police station of Slavyansk, reacting to the nazi laws issued by the Kiev regime, from banning their language to closing the border with Russia to adult males.

6. "Putin" and nazi-controlled media suppress calls of russian patriots to protect anti-fascists from genocide, starting with a non-fly zone over East Ukraine.
All this after for the first time ever since Hitler's army surrendered, an UN recognized government of an european state:
- bombs its citizens, first with tanks (May 1, Slaviansk), 3 days later also with helicopters and one day later also with airforce jets.
- burns its citizens inside buildings during pogroms (May 2, Odessa).

April 30, 2014 - India turns to Russia to help supply arms to Afghan forces

Each time you click "news" about "NATO v Assad" you are in fact being mocked by the illuminati.

"Putin"'s NATO partners openly tell that "Putin" is an illuminati agent, to fulfill their religions's commandment "in plain sight":
March 2014: John McCain: "Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country" 
April 26 2014: Kiev regime blocks water supply to Crimea. Fake Putin "retaliates" by offering billions in free gas to Kiev.

At least 192 of the heads of the UN states do nothing but to execute orders from Alexander Adolf Hitler, the illuminati Grand Master.
Transnistria only really independent state in Europe not in political maps

Novorussia: Nazis bomb civilians, fake Putin protects Ukraine's KEY steel industry.
Jan 25 2015 - Mariupol false flag: Audience reduced to human cattle, unable to add 1+1, allows the illuminati to go as far as to use Mariupol to "prove" that rebels also shell civilians.

March 2015Satanic celebrations: Ides of March and Moscow: from 1917 to 1939 and 2015: fake Putin torches Novodevichy monastery next to the Kremlin.
From simply destroying yet another historical church to passing truth in plain sight about "Putin" setting the Kremlin on fire since 2010.

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