Jul 22, 2014

Ukraine Malaysia Boeing 777 hoax: Core Lie: "Putin" plays the main disinfo role

Ukraine: Malaysia Boeing 777 downed - the core lie
The core lie of this event totally staged with actors:
- a plane crashed, or in other words: there were not ZERO dead passengers.
This is the core lie because exposing it implies exposing two underlying core lies:
- "Putin" is NOT part of the conspiracy.
- government of Republic of Donetsk, installed after the May 16 coup with russian Alexander Borodai as prime-minister, is NOT part of the conspiracy.

Reminder: The most important reason to use fake instead of real victims is to have everyone in the cast say nothing but what is scripted.
Had a real airliner been downed the victim's families would blame the obvious culprits not the scripted ones.

Boeing downed "exposed": Flight MH17 - What You're Not Being Told: Course 101 on the illuminati web of disinfo
This video does nothing but to sell the core lie about the event.
In other words: the author immediately exposes himself as a member of the illuminati web of disinfo, the same web where "Putin" plays the main role.

WHY "Malaysia Boeing 777 downed" was staged:

Jul 30, 2015 - Headlines will be: Reunion Island's Boeing 777 wing from downed MH17 NOT from missing MH370

Sep 2016 - MH17 Boeing 777, east Ukraine alias Novorussia, 2014; UN aid convoy, Syria, 2016:
two hit hoaxes in perfect parallel scripts with a pint of reverse

After Putin was murdered and until the Boston bombings hoax, the impostor had the leading role convincing the audience that episodes staged only with actors are real:
- with russian actors only, from Puzy Riot to Bolshoi star attacked with acid;
- with an international cast, from selling illuminazi puppets, from Syria's Assad to Iran, repainting butchers as resisters, to "political asylum" for illuminati psy-op "Snowden" in the role of leaker.
Main agenda in each of these episodes ranges from diverting from the murder of real Putin (Puzy Riot) to destroying russian icons (Bolshoi) and selling "leaks in illuminati media are possible" (Snowden).
With the Boston marathon hoax Putin plays for the first time the leading role selling false flags staged only with actors as real.

Russia: 70 years later Nazis come again for their Lebens(t)raum. Impostor "Putin" opens the gates

Aug 2014: Russian nazi state media pushes ethnic cleansing as refugees from Novorussia near 2 million

Ukraine vs Novorussia: what's * REALLY * going on - FULL STORY is worldwide ONLY here
Jan 29, 2015 - 8,500 ukrainian military at the Debaltseve cauldron, encircled by NAF, the Novorussia militas.
Epic: Militias armed only with captured weapons defeat military financed 
- directly: officially by the USA, EU; unofficially by Russia, offering free gas to Kiev.
- indirectly by all illuminazi puppet govs around the world transferring national assets to illuminati safes, starting with "Putin", "selling" oil well below production costs.
Treasonous rebel leaders, agents Zaharchenko, Plonitsky and the rest of the Donetsk and Lugansk leadership once again in their mission to save the nazis from defeat by signing a "cease-fire", repeating the sept 2014 "truce".

March 2015 - The two Minsk ceasefires signed by fake Putin and the nazi agents he installed as treasonous leaders of Donetsk and Lugansk were meant to save the nazis in disarray and let them continue the terror war against civilians.
Reminder from Sept 2014, during the Minsk theater at an all nazi "negotiations" table:
Ukraine's terror war against Donbass, Novorussia - Goals for dummies

March 2015 - Boris Nemtsov, first supposedly open casket funeral after a fake death: 

How fake blood advances genocide

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