Jul 16, 2014

Russia reopens Cuba spy base for dummies: MORE than just an illuminati joke: to have NATO officially enter Ukraine

Russia reopens Cuba spy base for dummies - **MORE** than just an illuminati joke: to have NATO officially enter Ukraine

Genocide in Novorossyia:
Bombing of civilians started May 2, 2014. Two months later, a dozen miles from the russian border:
July 2: entire towns near Lugansk wiped off the map by airstrikes, white phosphorous bombs, barrages of GRAD missiles and shelling by thousands of tanks.
July 9: Lugansk, first half a million city to be indiscriminately bombed in Europe since World War II.

NATO massive military deployment along Russia's border:
Parallel to the genocide in Novorossyia, NATO massively deploys, from the former soviet republics in the Baltic to former allies like Romania and Georgia.
Last but not the least: NATO deployment in states with a large majority of Slavic ethnic groups, from Poland to Bulgaria.
This is the penultimate stage before the remake of fake Yanukovich full detonation as suicide bomber in the Ukraine, fleeing to Russia.
In other words: before the act "Putin flees to China" and is replaced by pro-EU government".

Roles of impersonator of the murdered Putin:
Same as all nazi agents acting as heads of state, Putin transfers national wealth (starting with russian oil and gas) to the illuminati safes. 
Other main role is the innocent bystander, allowing:
- NATO massive and unprecedented deployment along Russia's borders
- the genocide of russians while they are expelled from their ancestral lands

How do the illuminati justify the role of agent "Putin" as innocent bystander
Illuminati mass media:
What's going on in Novorossiya, same as in any other front of World War III, from Syria to Afghanistan, is totally censored.
What is served is the opposite of reality.
No wonder that all they have to do is to present Putin's role as "black is white": Russia covertly and now also openly engaged in the war, from supplying weapons and soldiers to downing airforce jets.
To what lengths this goes: Jul 15, Snizhne: bombing of a six floor apartment building by the Kiev nazis reported as "possibly by a russian jet".

Illuminati Disinformation for the audience aware of the genocide in Novorossyia:
NSA psy-ops playing the role of pro-Novorossyia justify it: 

Goal: divert from the TRUTH:
"ALL ATROCITIES ARE COMMITED BY JUNTA FROM DIRECT ORDERS OF THEIR NWO SLAVEMASTERS WITH SOLE PURPOSE of implementing the GENOCIDE of freedom loving people and in the process the "ethnic" cleaning of russian speakers.
"Putin"'s treasonous actions range:
- from openly calling self-defense militia resisting the genocide to disarm and to refuse to recognize the right to self-determination of Novorossiya;
- to covertly giving intel to the nazis for airstrikes against Novorossiya bases.

'Russia spy base in Cuba reopened' theater for dummies
Iluminati serve to the audience a "Cuba-Russia: Just like old times!" parallel script to the series staged in 1962 using agent Khruschev while Fidel is supposedly still on stage.
First act: Russia forgiving Cuba's $32 billion debt after Putin's visit last week. 
Days later, the same day as Putin celebrates with the 4 other BRICS puppets: Russia 'agrees to reopen Cuba spy base'.
The Cuba theateris more than just mocking the human cattle robotically repeating that "black is white" or in other words that "Putin is anti-NATO". 
While psy-ops playing the role of pro-Novorossyia justify Putin's treasonous actions as "to prevent NATO from entering Ukraine", Putin's role as an actor is the exact opposite: 
the Cuba theater is staged to justify the official entry of foreign NATO mercenaries in the Ukraine war.

12 Jul 2014 - Two impersonators of dead heads of state meet in Havana. One of them is Hollywood actor Liam Neeson.
"Just like old times! Putin embraces Fidel Castro during 87-year-old Cuban leader's first public appearance in months as old Cold War allies cozy up again"

July 16, 2014 
Russia 'agrees to reopen Cuba spy base'

Jul 15 Aftermath of Snizhne bombing, with child (alive) pulled from rubble:

1962 Cuba missile crisis was staged using agent Khruschev.
Part of the plan to destroy JFK, same as the Bay of Pigs invasion episode, a trap set by the illuminati using agent Fidel Castro.
For traps used by the illuminati to murder JFK, RFK and JFK Jr, start here:

Jul 19, 2014 - * STOP * clicking Malaysia Boeing 777 downed in Ukraine "news": ALL was already said 6 hours later
Why you should stop reading "updates" on these "news"
Because no airliner was downed, it's all staged with actors, some play fake rebels.

Why NATO military is already in Latvia but not yet in Moscow:
Feb 2017 - NATO still "only" deployed at all of Europe's Russia's borders, including all former Soviet Union republics.
The reason why NATO military is already in Latvia, where nearly 50% of the population are ethnic russians, but not yet in Moscow:
what postponed the act "Navalny becomes president after criminal Putin flees to Beijing" in a remake of the staged "Maidan revolution" in the Ukraine:


Murdered Putin's impersonator openly telling he's a traitor: examples.

The role of illuminati agent Khruschev in the break-up of Russia

The real Putin was murdered but Fidel Castro died of a natural death.
Castro is kept alive with an impersonator to serve the illuminati agenda.
The role of illuminati agent Fidel Castro in the murder of Che Guevara:

Russia: 70 years later Nazis come again for their Lebens(t)raum. Impostor impersonating murdered Putin opens the gates:

Forums  Jul 17, 2014: scam.com -- reply in first page: usmessageboard.com
Published BEFORE the fake Boeing 777 crash in eastern Ukraine - still as reply in page 4746 of "megathread" featuring psy-ops selling impostor Putin as resister:

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