Jun 1, 2007

George W, Bush vs. Vladimir Putin for dummies - the TWO basic facts

1. When officially announcing his future decisions or the premises for them, George W. Bush has never told ANYTHING but LIES.

2. When officially announcing his future decisions or the premises for them, Vladimir Putin has never told ANYTHING but the TRUTH.

George W. Bush Notes
(1) "Bush telling the truth" not to be confused with "Bush doing what he told he would do".
There are indeed a few Bush statements that Bush implemented. But any of these statements are based on a lie as premise. (2)

(2) A key example: is Bush statement immediately after 9/11: "Islam is the religion of Peace".
Bush policies were indeed based on this assumption. Some of the facts illustrating this example (3):
- open borders for muslims (muslim population by far increasing at highest rates in the US while in the EU they are already the majority of the population below age of 20 in some areas);
- muslim countries, beginning with Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Turkey, account for the main $ share of military supplies from NATO;
- islamic law (sharia) proclaimed (Iraq) or extended (Afghanistan) in the territories administrated by the US Military / NATO.
- proclaiming that it's too late to stop Iran from building the atomic bomb.

(3) There was only one exception, the Iraqi sunni resistors, who have been victims of genocide at the hands of the NATO mercenaries.
In Afghanistan the former fighters of the Northern Alliance (who defeated the Taliban in 2001) are lately being also increasingly targeted by the NATO mercenaries.

Vladimir Putin Notes
(1) Questioning the premises used for his promises is subject to discussion. But Vladimir Putin has ALWAYS kept his promises. And that is FACT.
(2) Undeniable Proof that Vladimir Putin is sent by God: Third World War - How Good defeated Evil in the Battle of the Ukraine

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