Jun 15, 2007

End of International Space Station: the Horrible Truth, exposed worldwide first

End Times Fables: Russia: "Tomorrow ... If that does not work we will not try again"

There is no ISS or Shuttle orbiting the Earth.(1)
So why is this last fable of manned space exploration now coming to an end?

The Horrible Truth:
1. Vladimir Putin used the G8 meetig in Germany to try to tell one more time to the sheep of the last antichrist that if they don't stop him they will face nuclear holocaust.

2. His proposition of deploying common radars near Iran was the final act required to confirm the success of the ultimate illuminati script: "sheep quietly march to the slaughter, although they know they are going to be slaughtered".

3. As expected the last warning was totally ignored. Upscaling the sheep to zombies was completed.

4. So today, only a couple of days after the final words of Vladimir Putin, the last antichrist confirms the deployment of NATO nukes in East Europe.

The curtain fell. All other theater on stage must be now immediately stopped. And that includes the ISS. The last words were spoken:  "Tomorrow ... If that does not work we will not try again" (2)


(1) June 12: NASA is putting an End to the BIG HOAX International Space Station ISS - Space Shuttle

(2) June 15, 2007 Russians fail to fix space station computers
The computers, some of which control thrusters that help keep the $100 billion station in a stable orbit, broke down on Wednesday shortly after the crew of the visiting space Shuttle Atlantis installed a new solar array for power.
"Tomorrow we'll try turning on secondary power sources using a new method. If that does not work we will not try again."

NASA had said that a failure to fix the computers could force a temporary evacuation of the space station, a 16-nation project which has been continuously manned since November 2, 2000.
That unlikely worst-case-scenario would entail the three space station astronauts leaving in the escape ship, a Russian Soyuz capsule. The Atlantis crew would return to Earth on the shuttle.

Russian officials were careful not to point the finger of blame at the U.S.-led installation of the solar array.
"Maybe it was simply a fact of nature that can cause something like this," Krikalyov said. "I wouldn't like to find fault with anyone."


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